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SDGs Today: Taking the pulse of our planet
UNDP provides support to governments to integrate the SDGs into their national development plans and policies. 
Crackling Stories of Women: Setting up Nutrition Gardens
Food security is a measure of the availability of food and individuals' accessibility to it, where accessibility includes affordability. Market driven agriculture, insufficient crop cultivation area… Read more
Mapting is a free, participatory and playful mobile App that was created to share positive actions and discover worldwide solutions that will help make the 17 SDGs a reality by the target of 2030.… Read more
Listen Give
Listen Give is an initiative designed to share the experiences of people worldwide and give back to society. We are comprised of a group of individuals and companies that have come together to make a… Read more
Where are the Wetlands
The grim situation of water in most rural parts of India turns out to be a very real problem for survival. This film takes you to an Indian village, Sisodiyon ka Guda, located in Udaipur (… Read more
Leaving no-one behind: Including a billion people to adapt to climate change
UNDP and partners under the UN Climate Resilience Initiative A2R are developing a multi-country project focused on the needs of persons with disabilities to cope with climate change in Asia and the… Read more
Immediate action is needed to step up climate adaptation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Climate change impacts in Eastern Europe and Central Asia currently cost billions of dollars in lost productivity and could keep mounting over the next few years, according to a new report released… Read more
Our planet’s agricultural moonshot
We need to change the way we farm, the way we eat and the way we think if we as a civilization are going to survive the catastrophic impacts that climate change is already bringing to our people and… Read more
MOVING WITH THE TIMES The Cook Islands is embracing technology for climate action
For centuries, Cook Islands communities have used traditional knowledge and skills, passed down through generations, to read their environment and provide food for their families. But farmers,… Read more
A Mother's Dedication
On the occasion of International Literacy Day on September 8, UNESCO Bangkok celebrates the inspirational story of a single mother of two, whose pursuit of her dream stands as a testimony to the… Read more