SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being

AI in Social Protection – Exploring Opportunities and Mitigating Risks

This report published by GIZ, with contributions from ADB, sheds light on the benefits of artificial intelligence in social protection programs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping up to be the transformative technology of our time. It offers a multitude of possibilities and generates a range of questions. This report explores this topic in the context of social protection. It looks at the benefits that AI can bring to social protection programs as well as the pitfalls and risks that could undermine the potential for positive change.

Verified India: taking action to combat the spread of misinformation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as the world reels from the compounded effects of lockdowns, travel bans, and the ensuing economic and food crises, the need for accurate and verified information is essential to combat the virus, and potentially lifesaving. Unfortunately however, misinformation has spread with vigor rivaling the virus in its spread and contagiousness. This has the effect of heightening health risks, creating panic and division, and otherwise complicating efforts to effectively combat this virus that has brought the entire world to its knees and exacerbated inequality.

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SCCN Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campus Advisory

Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) of TERRE Policy Centre has released the SCCN Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campus Advisory specifically for the Students and the Faculty community in the University and college campuses. The advisory is prepared with the help of WHO and UNEP experts. It is the collation of actionable information from the authentic resources and simple steps students can undertake in their daily life. Preventing further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for all of us, particularly, the youth in the campus.