SDG5 Gender Equality

Youth Policy Toolbox

The Youth Toolbox acts as a repository of knowledge, experiences, and good practices, with the aim of providing policymakers with a comprehensive resource facility for developing inclusive and responsive youth policies in a process that optimizes engagement of youth-led organizations. It strives to engage the participation of a range of stakeholders, increasing the amount and diversity of knowledge and views.

ESCAP Social Protection Toolbox

The Social Protection Toolbox is a platform that provides support to policymakers and stakeholders for moving toward broader and more robust social protection systems. Using multimedia and data visualization techniques, the Toolbox aims to present the argument for strengthening and broadening social protection in a user-friendly and interactive fashion. 


Youth Webinar on Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity- Part 4

Jointly organized by YFEED Foundation and UN MGCY, this is a webinar entitled ‘’Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity’’ covered topics from social entrepreneurship, water, environmental governance, and development from an all-women panel.