SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Asia-Pacific Energy Portal

The Asia Pacific Energy Portal is one aspect of ESCAP’s support to regional member States under the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF). With the generous support of the Russian Federation, the portal has been designed to serve as an informational foundation, helping to meet that mandate and support ESCAP’s ongoing energy-related activities. The portal was launched at the 71st Commission Session in May 2015 and continues to develop with new features and content.

One Year On – How Young Social Entrepreneurs Rose to the Challenge of COVID-19

One year on since COVID-19 was officially recognized as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, it is clear that the road to recovery will be a long and hard one. The sheer loss of life, the number of people who have lost their jobs, missed out on education or been hit by other forms of hardship induced by the crisis, is unfathomable. Young people are among the hardest hit.

SRP Virtual Rice Week: 'Rice, Resilience and Transformation'

The Sustainable Rice Platform’s 10th Annual Plenary will be held as a Virtual Rice Week from 29 March to 2 April 2021.

The event, which also incorporates an Extraordinary General Assembly, is convened as an annual gathering of SRP members and invited partners to take stock of progress, discuss collaborative approaches and share the experiences of SRP members in adopting SRP tools and in scaling impact among rice smallholders.

Mitigation Heavyweights: Effective NDCS for the Building Sector

The building sector exhibits massive untapped potential for climate mitigation and adaptation: buildings accounted for the largest share of energy-related CO2 emissions (38 percent) in 2019. With rising incomes, urbanization, and population growth, the built surface is set to double by 2060. Most new buildings are highly inefficient when it comes to energy consumption. Given the current average lifetime of a building (30 to 80 years), there is an enormous risk of high-carbon lock in.