SDG2 Zero Hunger

Will there be enough food? How COVID-19 is impacting the global food supply chain and aggravating food security issue

Despite global economic growth, the world is still facing a variety of challenges including climate emergency, hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, and now, a global disease pandemic that has exacerbated the suffering that humanity is experiencing.

Exploring synergies and opportunities at the interface between culture, ritual and science for landslide risk reduction

Nepal is a mountainous country highly susceptible to a range of geophysical and hydro-meteorological hazards including earthquakes, floods, landslides, lightning and droughts.
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Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme Online Discussion Fora

The MICCA Programme organises learning events and webinars through ten discussion fora. All practitioners are welcome to join online discussions looking at climate change and agriculture from different perspectives. You too can participate in upcoming events by joining one or more of the fora. The MICCA Programme started to facilitate online communities in 2012. The communities host over 6,300 individual members from different stakeholder groups in over 120 countries.

AI in Social Protection – Exploring Opportunities and Mitigating Risks

This report published by GIZ, with contributions from ADB, sheds light on the benefits of artificial intelligence in social protection programs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping up to be the transformative technology of our time. It offers a multitude of possibilities and generates a range of questions. This report explores this topic in the context of social protection. It looks at the benefits that AI can bring to social protection programs as well as the pitfalls and risks that could undermine the potential for positive change.

Youth Webinar on Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity- Part 5

This webinar is the 5th installment of the webinar series "Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity" and is the Final Conclusion Session.

You can join the meeting via zoom application or web browser.

Time: Jun 18, 2020, 06:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) and 3:45 PM Nepal Time (NST)

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Sustainable Soil and Land Management for Climate Smart Agriculture: Preventing and Mitigating Land Degradation

This international technical webinar is part of the series organized by the FAO eLearning Academy, Agreenium (l'Institut agronomique, vétérinaire et forestier de France) and UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific). These webinars are an opportunity for all of us to share experiences and lessons learnt, discuss challenges, and propose innovative solutions and models. They aim to provide a holistic and comprehensive view of current trends in thematic areas related to global challenges, by combining development research and innovation perspectives.