SDG14 Life Below Water

Coalition of Municipal Fisherfolks Association

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing causes financial losses and decline in fish catches, harms biodiversity, and facilitates transnational crime and threatening human security. The Coalition of Municipal Fisherfolk Associations (COMFAS) was formed by fishers’ organizations to tackle illegalities and degradation of natural resources. COMFAS works closely with the Xavier Agriculture Extension Service Foundation Inc.

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Via Interaxion

Via Interaxion offers a catalog of health, education, development, environment, migration and peace initiatives around the world to encourage action, interaction, discussion and collaboration among development practitioners.

Asia Pacific Day for the Ocean

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) hosted the first Asia Pacific Day for the Ocean in 2018. At the 75th Session, member States requested continuation of the work on the ocean. The Commission also decided the theme of its seventy-sixth session as: “Promoting economic, social and environmental cooperation on oceans for sustainable development.”

Pacific Data Hub

The Pacific Data Hub holds a large and diverse collection of data, data insights, publications, and knowledge products on the Pacific across key sectors, including population statistics, fisheries, geoscience, agriculture, aquaculture, energy, education, human rights, climate change, and oceans, and it continues to grow.