Water, the Ocean and the Sustainable Development Goals

Safeguarding Ecosystem Health

The purpose of the eLearning course is to share the latest knowledge approaches and techniques to raise ambition in taking and accelerating action for Water and Oceans. The course draws on emerging lessons and initiatives from UN-Water and ESCAP projects such as Closing the Loop, with the aim of reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The objectives of this eLearning course are to:

  • Generate stewardship of water and marine resources and ambition to make progress on both SDG 6 and SDG 14 in an integrated manner in Asia and the Pacific
  • Share data collection and acceleration tools and frameworks to understand the knowledge gaps and the way forward.
  • Share best practices for better management of water and marine resources in the region
  • Explore innovative solutions to tackle water and the ocean in an integrated fashion
  • Equip policy makers and stakeholders with knowledge, acceleration tools and frameworks to better understand, approach and address emerging issues for water and the oceans