SDG6 Clean Water and Sanitation

Shifting Towards Water-Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities

Sustainable, livable cities are the way forward for the future of Asia-Pacific. The 2030 Agenda implementation urges to advance urban SDG with other SDGs, related to resilience of water infrastructure to climate change. Water (-Hazard) Resilient (Infrastructure for ) and Sustainable Cities are cities that achieve safe and adequate water supply and sanitation services based on sound water-related ecosystems, high level of water use efficiency, and a greater urban resilience to water-related disasters (here Water-Resilient Cities).

Japan Water Forum: Water Journal Vol. 4

This volume of the Water Journal is broken down into five articles: 

"Kunmamto city with about 740,00 population, all tap water supplied by groundwater: working together with stakeholders in the region to protect groundwater"

"What to Make and What to Leave Behind for the Next Generation The focus of the world turns to SDGs."

"Ten years to go: Strengthening the contributions of water science towards achieving 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific"

"Government Initiatives Leading the World to the Realization of Society 5.0"