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Adapting to climate change through drought-resistant agriculture in Cambodia
Longer dry seasons & lower than average/erratic rainfall are feeding drought conditions in Cambodia. The impacts are serious for subsistence farmers, whose livlelihoods and food security depend… Read more
Bengali Women Sitting in Circle
Bangladesh’s fertile land has been key to growth and has offered millions of people a hand out of poverty.  That growth is becoming increasingly precarious as the impacts of a warming planet… Read more
Women in purple dress
The experience of the Saralbhanga River, which flows from Bhutan to India, shows the power of involving local people in river management. There are 56 rivers that flow down from the Himalayan… Read more
Building submerged by flood
When floods ravaged Lao PDR last year, a lack of adequate warning significantly contributed to the damage and loss. UNDP is partnering with the government and private sector to solve this problem and… Read more
People standing on the shore of a tropical island
In an era of smartphones and social networks, connecting with family and friends has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. Here in Bangkok, I know when my old classmates have had… Read more
The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in Iraq (2015-2020) presents 23 strategic National Biodiversity Targets and 34 actions for the 5 year period. Actions are categorised into five… Read more
The DRC is the only African country among the world's mega-biodiversity countries. It is home to endemic species such as okapi, Grauer's gorilla, bonobo and Congolese peacock. The DRC has close to… Read more
How to Use Spatial Data to inform Actionable National Policies? Process: Firstly, it is necessary to identify the spatial data related to Aichi Biodiversity Target. Secondly, we must ensure the… Read more
Man and child standing in rumble
“It was angry. That's what it sounded like to me. When the roof came off, there were these horrible screeches, this horrible noise. It was devastating, and we all had to run.” Primrose Thomas’ home… Read more
Women monitor the progress of the forest restoration
In the lyrical Colombian village of Pasifueres music is in the air. Girls and boys compose songs from a young age. The lyrics show a passion for their region, La Mojana, and for their village that… Read more