Iraq: Using spatial data to establish and monitor Protected Area Networks


The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in Iraq (2015-2020) presents 23 strategic National Biodiversity Targets and 34 actions for the 5 year period.

Actions are categorised into five themes:  (1) biodiversity awareness and traditional knowledge; 2) policy; 3) protected areas and conservation; 4) monitoring and assessment; and 5) training.

Protected Areas (PA) in Iraq:

The total land area protected as of April 2019 covered only 2% of Iraq although a list of 19 further PAs are in the process of formal ratification that would increase the land area to 8.5%. The first PA (Iraq Marshes) was designated in 2014 following the issuance of a Protected Areas Law No 2 of 2014, to identify and approve PAs in Iraq.