Managing climate change with early warnings

Building submerged by flood

When floods ravaged Lao PDR last year, a lack of adequate warning significantly contributed to the damage and loss. UNDP is partnering with the government and private sector to solve this problem and help the people of Lao prepare for future hazards.

The upcoming Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and the EU-UNDP-World Bank organized World Reconstruction Conference 4, is an opportunity for us to come together and accelerate our implementation of the Sendai Framework and improve our recovery processes. A common theme running through both of these events is inclusion and resilience. DRR and recovery practices aimed at building resilience and fostering inclusion are essential to addressing inequality, a core priority at UNDP. More information on WRC4 here.

“As the water gushed into my shop, I was desperately looking for places where to store the products in my small house. All my crops and chickens were washed away and even though I was initially able to save my buffalo, it later died from diseases it contracted from the water.”

Pat Tiptapmavon, a small grocery shop owner and mother of five, is telling a tragic story that many Laotians can relate to. In 2018, three tropical storms caused intense floods in each of the 18 provinces of Lao PDR, affecting over 400,000 people and destroying more than 100,000 hectares of paddy fields.