Stories/Blogs under the Framework of the Humans of MY World Initiative

Stories/Blogs under the Framework of the Humans of MY World Initiative

The Humans of MY World (HOMY) initiative showcases personal testimonies from around the world on why the SDGs matter to people and their communities. Inspired by “Humans of New York”, HOMY reveals the individual impact in achieving the SDGs. To learn more, click here

Below is a collection of select stories and blogs from the framework of HOMY. 

5 Stories Behind the ASEAN MY World 2030 Programme
 Five Stories: HOMY

A group of young SDG Advocates in the ASEAN region share their experiences being volunteers for the MY World 2030 survey to raise awareness about the SDGs. Between June 2018 and March 2019, a total of 60 local events were organized in 9 countries, reaching over 10,000 people. Students, youth, volunteer-based organizations, representatives from marginalized groups and at-risk populations had their say on the SDGs. Read the 5 highlight stories we have picked for you!

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Thematic Focus: SDG Advocacy (5 country examples)

Rizky Ashar Murdiono (Indonesia): The Power Of Youth in Indonesia to Challenge Harmful Narratives
 HOMY Indonesia

On 11 August 2018, a workshop was held in Jakarta in commemorating International Youth Day by 2030 Youth Force Indonesia. The event focused on the theme of “Safe Spaces” for youth by emphasizing the “freedom of expression”.  It is believed that creative art spaces, such as music, poetry and digital media, have significant roles on creating safe spaces for youth to move, to talk and to explore their potentials freely.

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Thematic Focus: Youth; Civic space and freedom of expression

Nur Hayyu Supriatin (Indonesia): Promoting ASEAN MY World and SDGs on Indonesian Radio
 HOMY Indonesia 2

Nur Hayyu was invited to speak about the SDGs and her work as an ASEAN MY World Advocate on Indonesian radio station RRI. She is part of The Youth Changemakers Sorong (TYCS) in West Papua, a network consists of aspirational youth in making positive change through actions for their communities.

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Thematic Focus: Youth; Media

Marikris de Guzman and Jose Mateo dela Cruz (The Philippines): Back to Basics: Going “Beyond Online” for SDG Advocacy
 HOMY, Marikis de Guzman

Marikris and Jose believe that to bring forth localization, we need to focus not just on theories but on the lived experiences of people. They shared about their visits and activities in provincial areas, especially in the north and south of the Philippines where people do not have easy access to the internet.

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Thematic Focus: Education

Nadhilah Muhammad Razak (Malaysia): Sustainable Development Goals Alert in Malaysia at Penang Paddy Festival

Nadhilah highlights the imperative on rice security by joining a campaign to raise awareness for hardships of paddy farmers, especially among the younger generation. It is also to bring attention to the rapid urbanization of Seberang Perai to save agriculture land being converted to lucrative use by the property industry.

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Thematic Focus: Agriculture; Youth

Nurul Hadina Haji Alias (Brunei): 140 Youths #Act4SDGs in Bandar Seri Begawan
 HOMY: Brunei

On 26th of August, Bandar Seri Begawan saw nearly 140 volunteers who braved the morning heat in a collective effort of “leaving no one behind”. In partnership with Reef Check Brunei, a mixture of fun SDG-related games were organized, including icon colouring contests for children and a “Save The Turtles” obstacle game to support Goal 14 – Life Below Water.

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Thematic Focus: SDG games; volunteerism; life below water

Nurul Hadina Haji Alias (Brunei): 54 Hours to Take Action for Sustainable Development Goals in Brunei
 HOMY: Brunei 2

The opening of Startup Weekend Bruni Sustainable Development Goals took place on 20 July 2018 at the Progresif Cellular Headquarters in Gadong, Brunei. Acted as a SDG mentor, Nurul Hadina supported 9 teams consisting of youths from different higher institutions and non-government organizations to present their startup ideas as a crucial step to #Act4SDGs in Brunei.

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Thematic Focus: Entrepreneurship; Innovation

Shafkat Fahmid Sifat (Singapore): Young Southeast Asian Unite in Singapore to Create Solutions to the SDGs
 HOMY: Singapore

Designed to empower Southeast Asian youth to tackle regional sustainability issues, Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia (YSI SEA) launched a 14 week-long Innovation Programme in 2018. The programme brought forward 24 participants from across 8 Southeast Asian countries to kick-off solutions for select SDGs identified in their local communities.

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Thematic Focus: Entrepreneurship; Innovation

Shafkat Fahmid Sifat (Singapore): Choices and Habits-Reducing Food Waste in Singapore

Despite having a population of 5.7 million, the small island state of Singapore wasted about 810 million kilograms of food in 2017. In support of Goal 12, here is a humble effort ASEAN MY World Advocate Shafkat made to raise awareness about the food waste issue in Singapore and the simple steps all of us can take to reduce food waste.

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Thematic Focus: Food; Responsible consumption

Katina Grigoraskos (Thailand): Youth4SDGs in Thailand
 HOMY Thailand

On 3-4 November 2018, international school students from all over Thailand participated in the first ever Youths for SDGs conference hosted at Wells International School. The event’s objectives included raising awareness to the SDGs, creating a network of youths passionate about making change, and promoting creativity in finding solutions towards current local issues.

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Thematic focus: Education; Innovation


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