Youth Empowerment

Youth Solutions Report 2020

In 2015, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by 193 UN Member States to shape the global agenda for sustainable development in the next fifteen years and beyond. 

Achieving these goals will require an unprecedented mobilization of the energy and skills of young people, and recognition of their significant role in promoting them. 

Climate Emergency: YOUth Action - "Bubbles Double Plastic Trouble?"

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our decade as the production of this “durable and convenient” item has increased rapidly to fulfill the global demand. Every day, we see plastic being used across almost all aspects of our lives. From food wrappers to straws and plastic bags, it seems practically impossible for us to avoid plastic usage altogether. But is it really that way? Is plastic really unavoidable?

Environet Series 2: Our Carbon Footprint, Our Contribution To Address Climate Change

Climate Change (also known as Global Warming) is the name given to long term changes to temperature on and around the Earth’s surface, which causes long term shifts to weather patterns. Climate change is the ultimate effect of large carbon footprints made from our daily life. To address this problem we need to start to make changes to become a more responsible consumer.

Guardians of the Planet: Asia Pacific Children and Youth Voices on Climate Crisis and Disaster Risk Reduction

The children and youth consultation, on the climate crisis and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), was conducted from August 2019 to January 2020, across 12 countries, in Asia and the Pacific. The consultation was jointly organised by a group of partners that included the Asia Pacific Coalition for Safe Schools, UNICEF, and UN Major Group Children and Youth and UN Disaster Risk Reduction, World Vision International, Plan International, and Save the Children.

Keeping the Momentum for Ocean Action Webinar Series

This series of sectorial webinars will connect, mobilize and bring new ideas from stakeholders towards the preparation and outreach of the UN Ocean Conference, including the compilation of new Commitments of Ocean Action and progress on previous commitments. Webinars are being planned to mobilize youth, local and regional governments, Asia-Pacific stakeholders and the private sector.