UN75 Asia Youth Dialogue: Youth Voices for Climate Action

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Celebrating its 75th year of existence, the United Nations is launching the greatest global conversation of the world this year, encouraging all stakeholders to engage in dialogues on the importance of global cooperation in creating the future we aspire. This year also marks the celebration of the 5th year anniversary of Sustainable Development Goals, which plays a critical role in addressing the challenges the world faces, including those related to poverty, hunger, climate change, inequality, and peace. Therefore, this is a critical year to review the progress of SDGs implementations of all nations. As the most disaster-prone region in the world, Asia-Pacific is also the home of more than 750 million young people, accounting for 60% of the world’s youth population. Seizing this opportunity, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign intend to bring all the young people across the Asia-Pacific region to voice out their visions and discuss the world they wanted to see when the United Nations turns 100 years old. The youth dialogue also aims to provide a platform for young people to share their challenges, best practices, and experiences in addressing the issues of climate change and environmental degradation.


To enhance the participation of young people across the Asia-Pacific region in the UN75 celebration with a specific discussion on Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action.


● To raise awareness among the youth in the region about UN75 and climate change.

● To collect voices and inputs from the youth regarding their vision of the future they want.

● To share best practices, ideas, and experiences with the youth in order to create more inspirations and to encourage more actions in addressing climate change.

YV4CA/Tzu Chi