Making Women Stronger: Responding to the climate crisis in Zambia

Man and Women

Sylvia Chiinda lives on the edge of desperation. Her husband died a few years ago, leaving her with no savings or possessions. It was a crushing blow for the mother of seven. 

To make matters worse, Zambia has seen a rise in more frequent and intense floods, recurrent droughts and other climate risks, that have reduced yields for farmers like Sylvia, putting lives and livelihoods in the crosshairs. 

With her maize and groundnut farm production dwindling, Sylvia was forced to find an alternative income to keep her family afloat. 

She started running a makeshift grocery shop in her village of Kanakanatapa in Zambia’s Chongwe District. But the income – just 300 Zambian Kwacha (US$15) in a good month – is barely enough to meet the basic needs for her and her seven children.