Gender Equality for Sustainable Development

[ENVIRO-WEBINAR] "TEMP CHECK: The Status of Climate Change amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Currently, we are still fighting to overcome the pandemic that still exists and endangers human health which affects the socio-economic and political state every community. How about our Earth? Is it true that the Earth is healing during pandemic? Or is it also getting "sick?"

APClimateProject presents you a webinar that will discuss about how the pandemic situation affect us, in youth governance, and gender perspective with amazing, and experienced speakers that come from various backgrounds:

1. Wireko Andrew Awuah

Mother Nature's Bounty: In response to the climate crisis, women are turning to vermicomposting as an alternative source of income in Turkmenistan

In the face of climate change, environmental degradation, a rise in extreme weather and other factors, the Amu Darya River can no longer sustain the farmers who have relied on its bounty to feed their families, grow their crops and ensure their livelihoods for centuries.

Coping with COVID-19: A pandemic through a girl's eyes: 16 adolescent girls from nine countries film their lives under lockdown

As COVID-19 tears through communities across the globe, children have become the hidden victims of the pandemic. School closures and other lockdown measures adopted to stem the spread of the virus have cut off millions of children from quality learning, critical vaccines, and nutritious diets.

For girls, disruptions also come at the cost of their safety.

Gender, Climate, and Security

Climate change is now impacting every corner of the globe. In many regions, severe droughts and rising temperatures are leading to food insecurity and loss of livelihoods – threatening to reverse hard-won development gains. In fragile and conflict-affected settings, limited governance, political instability and violence leave communities particularly ill-equipped to cope with a changing climate. This in turn can compound existing tensions and exacerbate the complex emergencies we are witnessing today in the Sahel, the Middle East and Central America.