Hawaii's Voluntary Local Review of Progress on the SDGs

Hawaiʻi’s first statewide Voluntary Local Review assesses progress to date and provides 2020 benchmark data to inform decision-making, including on economic recovery, through the Aloha+ Challenge – Hawai‘i’s framework to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Hawai‘i is the first to present a comprehensive statewide Voluntary Local Review – that includes all four counties – in the nation, and joins cities from Los Angeles to New York City, Bristol, Helsinki and others around the world that have reported progress. Produced by the Hawai‘i Green Growth Local2030 Hub in collaboration with network partners from across government, business and civil society sectors, the report covers six-years of data on the Aloha+ Challenge, based on metrics that were co-developed by partners statewide across all four counties and used to track progress through the open-data Aloha+ Dashboard