Grassroots Pantry: A Leader in the Sustainable Restaurant Business

Grassroots Pantry is a restaurant and workshop in Hong Kong with a simple philosophy: to create food that heals, meeting the highest culinary standards and using fresh organic local produce wherever possible and plant-based ingredients. 

Founded by Peggy Chan in 2012, Grassroots Pantry was established with the objective to change the way we think about food. Where do our meals come from? How are they produced? What impact do our food consumption choices have on our planet?

They are committed to delivering the cleanest, most ethically-produced and nutrient-dense ingredients. They aim to share that knowledge with their community by setting a new standard of healthy living and Grassroots Pantry is recognized as a example around the topic of food sustainability.

Through their dishes, they want to honour those who cultivate our land and minimise our carbon footprint by sourcing as locally as possible. They remain transparent in their cooking processes, and demand that traceability, a circular economy system and, preferably, a regenerative agriculture system is integrated into their business.