Airing concerns: how radio raises community voices in Tanzania

Between 13 February and 20 March 2020, Media for Community Empowerment (MACS) aired #ClaimYourWaterRights radio shows in Morogoro and Zanzibar, Tanzania. MACS' work is part of End Water Poverty's international mobilisation campaign, which aims to awaken people to the injustice of water shortages and spur them to claim their human rights to safe water and sanitation.

We believe local media plays a crucial role in delivering credible, helpful information to people suffering from water crisis in rural areas. Critically, local media also gives communities a voice to communicate their concerns to local authorities and express solidarity with one another.

We have established a radio program called Sauti Yangu (“My Voice”). This unique and powerful show engages citizens, amplifies their voices, and enables them to hold the government accountable for guaranteeing people's human rights to water and sanitation.

In order to get the real voices of people who suffer from water crises, MACS sends journalists directly to communities in areas where water availability is limited. Community members often have to fetch water from wells, ponds, or springs. We conduct interviews with local citizens based on interview guidelines that we formulated with EWP so that we can explore the reality of rural citizens’ lives.