UNSSC Blog: The 2030 Agenda and the emerging bioeconomy - making room for policy coherence at the crossroads

The 2030 Agenda and the emerging bioeconomy: making room for policy coherence at the crossroads

Ecuador has created an innovative policy arrangement aimed at promoting biodiversity at the centre stage of efforts to achieve long-term economic performance that allow moving away from the middle-income trap and oil-dependence. These policies range from environmental, science and technology, and industrial policies to incentive-based institutions (e.g., fiscal and monetary policy). This view follows previous research arguing that models of development must move away from narrow concern with macroeconomic imbalances and poverty-alleviation safety nets to confront head-on the structural inequalities while addressing sustainability. Read Daniel Vicente Ortega Pacheco’s piece which brings features Ecuador’s strategies for bioeconomy and policy coherence for sustainable development.

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