Indonesia case studies on LANDMARC & TIPPING+, projects funded by European Commission project banners

Two funded projects by the European Commission (LANDMARC and TIPPING+) were officially started.

  • LANDMARC (Land-use based mitigation for resilient climate pathways) is a 4-year project, starting from July 16th 2020. There are 19 partners, 16 countries, five continents, and 16 case studies in this project. For Asia, there are three countries joining it (Indonesia, Vietnam, and Nepal). As part of the project, will lead Indonesia case study and explore three case studies (i.e. biogas, small compost, and large compost) in Bali.
  • TIPPING+ (Enabling positive tipping points toward clean-energy transitions in coal and carbon-intensive regions) project, a 3-year project, starting from June 26th 2020. There are 18 partners, 14 countries, and 20+ case studies involved. As part of the project, will lead Indonesia case study, focusing on coal stoppage in the electricity system in Banten and biogas development at household level in Bali.
  • While LANDMARC is focusing on scientific assessment, TIPPING+ is more on policy engagement.  
  • For stakeholders engagement, will host annual workshops during both project periods. Thus is seeking interest from partners for possible collaboration with the TIPPING+ and LANDMARC team. will engage with local and regional societal actors such as NGOs, energy agency, coal industries, local and national governments (i.e. co-hosting events), research institutions and local communities. They encourage researchers to contact them to introduce themselves, their activity/project and express their area(s) of interest for possible collaboration.