UNDP Annual Report 2019

2019, just like the decade it brought to a close, was marked by a wave of protests. Movements across all continents lifted the lid on people’s disillusionment, indignity and unmet needs. Today, the streets may be silent but the message still echoes: we need a decade of action to accelerate progress towards everything the Sustainable Development Goals stand for. This is a race against time, and the hurdles just got higher.

As the 2019 Human Development Report sets out, policy makers have a battery of choices that, integrated in the right way, will translate into lifelong investments in equality and sustainability. Making those choices starts with a commitment to tackling the complexity of human development.

UNDP’s role is to create choices in the face of complexity, whatever the development context, and to create the conditions for new ways for governments, businesses and civil society to power ahead, together, faster and further than before.

Report Cover