Summary Progress Update 2021: SDG 6 — water and sanitation for all

The monitoring of progress towards SDG 6 is a means to successfully achieving all eight SDG 6 targets. Credible and timely water and sanitation data provide numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits in both public and private sectors, such as stronger political accountability and commitment, as well as public and private investments. It also enables evidence-based policy-making, regulations, planning and investments at all levels, to ensure the most effective deployment of resources. The main beneficiaries of better data are countries.

The 2030 Agenda specifies that global follow-up and review “will be primarily based on national official data sources”. This report is based on country data, compiled and verified by the responsible United Nations organizations, and sometimes complemented by information from other sources. 

This report has been produced by the UN-Water Integrated Monitoring Initiative on SDG 6 (IMI-SDG6), which brings together the United Nations organizations that are formally mandated to compile country data on the SDG 6 global indicators. Through IMI-SDG6, the United Nations seeks to support countries in monitoring water- and sanitation- related issues within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in compiling country data to report on global progress towards SDG 6. An important part of this work is to provide standardized methodologies for monitoring the different indicators, to ensure that data are comparable across countries and over time. Learn more about SDG 6 monitoring and reporting here:

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