SDG 6 Progress Reports

The monitoring of progress towards SDG 6 is a means to achieve the goal. High-quality data help policy- and decision makers at all levels of government to identify challenges and opportunities, to set priorities for more effective and efficient implementation, to communicate progress and ensure accountability, and to generate political, public and private sector support for further investment.

Progress reports: 2021 

Global follow-up and review of progress towards SDG 6 is primarily based on national official data sources, compiled and validated by United Nations custodian agencies. The latest global ‘data drive’ took place in 2020, resulting in status updates on nine of the global indicators for SDG 6.

On this page you find the latest available progress updates on all SDG 6 global indicators, as well as synthesized analysis of overall progress and acceleration needs to achieve SDG 6 by 2030.

Learn more about overall progress towards SDG 6 at global, regional and national levels here:

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