National Human Rights Institutions and Water Governance: Compilation of Good Practices

This Compilation of Good Practices for National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and Water Governance (the ‘Compilation’) identifies good practices on water governance and seeks to strengthen the capacity of these institutions in realising water governance related human rights. It intends to identify, gather and document important information about the best practices, along with the challenges, key factors in success and important lessons to be learnt in activities undertaken by NHRIs in relation to water governance. Based on the work already accomplished in the First Edition of the Compilation and the many success stories covered in 2014, this Second Edition aims to update and follow up on the practices already covered. It also seeks to build on innovative experiences that have been shared by a new and wider range of NHRIs. By compiling and disseminating good practices among NHRIs, the current publication is intended to serve as a contribution towards creating a community of practice of NHRIs wishing to enhance their role in water governance for the realisation of human rights.

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