Localizing the SDGs: Strategies and Plans

“Localizing" is the process of taking into account subnational contexts in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, from the setting of goals and targets, to determining the means of implementation and using indicators to measure and monitor progress.

Localization relates both to how the SDGs can provide a framework for local development policy and to how local and regional governments can support the achievement of the SDGs through action from the bottom up and to how the SDGs can provide a framework for local development policy.

While the SDGs are global, their achievement will depend on our ability to make them a reality in our cities and regions. All of the SDGs have targets directly related to the responsibilities of local and regional governments, particularly to their role in delivering basic services. That’s why local and regional governments must be at the heart of the 2030 Agenda.

Local2030: Localizing the SDGs is a network and platform that supports the on-the-ground delivery of the SDGs, with a focus on those furthest behind. It is a convergence point between local and regional governments and their associations, national governments, businesses, community-based organizations and other local actors, and the United Nations system. Local2030 supports local leaders in collaboratively incubating and sharing solutions, unlocking bottlenecks and implementing strategies that advance the SDGs at the local level.

In addition to tools and other knowledge sharing, Local2030 provides easy access to a library of strategies and plans that can help in the localization of the SDGs.

What are these for?
Strategies and plans can assure the translation of the political agenda into development objectives and tangible results. They give an overall framework for development (use of resources, services, corresponding financial needs, etc.) and aim to coordinate the work of local and other spheres of governments.

What do the tools help achieve?
Localizing the SDGs can provide a framework for local development policy. The integration of SDGs within sub-national level planning is a crucial step in landing the new agenda in regions and cities.

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