Data Strategy of the Secretary-General for Action by Everyone, Everywhere with Insight, Impact and Integrity

Making better use of data – with approaches grounded in UN values and human rights – is integral to our future and service. Recognizing that we have not fully unlocked our data and analytics potential, this Strategy will guide us through a long-term transformation: So that everyone, everywhere nurtures data as a strategic asset for insight, impact and integrity – to better deliver on our mandates for people & planet.

In the past, some of us regarded data as an isolated concern for specialists in IT or statistics. Today, we all recognize the power of data. Purposes that involve data and analytics permeate virtually all aspects of our work in development, peace and security, humanitarian, and human rights.

Starkly and powerfully, the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how critical data use, with a human face, is to protecting lives & livelihoods. The crisis is a wake-up call. We must accelerate a shift in our data and analytics abilities: To respond to COVID-19 and build back better, to drive the Decade of Action for the SDGs, to amplify climate action, to promote gender equality, to protect human rights, to advance peace and security, and to accelerate UN Reform – for greater impact on the ground.

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