SDG Indicator 2.1.1 - Prevalence of Undernourishment (PoU)


This course focuses on SDG Indicator 2.1.1, which is one of two indicators that focus on food insecurity. The PoU is an estimate of the proportion of the population facing serious food deprivation, and is derived from official national level information on food supply and consumption, and energy needs. This course has been developed to support countries in analysis and reporting for Indicator 2.1.1.


This course is primarily intended for those who play a role in data collection, analysis and reporting for the SDG Indicators 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 (Plant and Animal Genetic Resources), as well as for people with an interest in the process, including:

  • Policy makers or advisors
  • National coordinators/ focal points for animal or plant genetic resources
  • Data analysts


The course consists of 5 lessons, ranging from approximately 25 to 60 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to the Prevalence of Undernourishment
  • Lesson 2 The PoU methodology: Key concepts
  • Lesson 3 The PoU methodology: Parameters
  • Lesson 4 Deriving the distribution of habitual dietary energy consumption
  • Lesson 5 Reporting on the Prevalence of Undernourishment