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The FAO elearning Academy supports Member Countries, through capacity development interventions and e-learning courses. These courses are offered free of charge, as a global public good and were created to transfer know-how, skills and competencies using diverse methodologies such as self-paced e-learning courses, blended learning programmes, massive open online courses (MOOCs), technical webinars, online tutored courses, mobile learning, international hackathons on the SDGs, global 24-hour marathons on sustainability, university master programmes and postgraduate degrees, as well as training workshops. They cover topics pertaining to all the SDGs, particularly SDGs 1,2, 13,14, and 15. 

The FAO elearning Academy offers over 350 multilingual elearning courses, free of charge, as a global public good and is the result of a collaborative effort which involves over 200 partners throughout the world. The overall objective of the FAO elearning Academy is to strengthen the human capital, through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences, in order to generate competent professionals able to face the global challenges. The FAO elearning Academy has now reached a global audience of more than 600,000 users.

The courses are developed with all FAO technical divisions, across all Strategic Programmes (SPs) and cover the main priority areas of FAO: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate smart agriculture, sustainable food systems and nutrition, food safety, food losses, child labour, responsible governance to tenure among others, and are fully aligned with the SDG Agenda 2030.


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