E-Learning Series on Business Process Analysis for Trade Facilitation


The Agenda for Sustainable Development suggests that the world should transform its natural-resource-dependent growth pattern into a ‘sustained, inclusive and sustainable’ one. Trade has a long-established record in creating compelling successes in economic growth, and for sustainable development, it can drive the efforts to achieve specific targets under Sustainable Development Goals through increased exchange of goods and services, and can further contribute to generating finance to pursue the social and environment progresses. For trade to grow, reducing trade costs is essential. In this regard, trade facilitation plays a pivotal role, as enhanced transparency, reduced formalities, automated port and customs systems, as well as coordinated institutional and transit arrangements could significantly bring down trade costs.

The Business Process Analysis (BPA) online training course has been developed by the ESCAP Trade, Investment and Innovation Division based on the UNNExT BPA Guide to Simplify Trade Procedures. BPA is considered the first necessary step to simplifying trade procedures. The course consists of seven modules and introduces a step-by-step approach to conducting BPA. It is aimed at government officials and other stakeholders responsible for trade facilitation. This course is also available in Russian.

The course is divided as follows:

For guidance on how to study this course download the Study Guide. The online course also includes the possibility of obtaining a BPA for Trade Facilitation certificate.

For more information, please contact: escap-tid@un.org

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