Youth Empowerment

Primer 2: Project Management and ICTD

This Primer provides fundamental concepts and tools utilized in project planning and management. There are two parts to this Primer. Part 1 discusses general concepts/tools in project management for development.  Part 2 looks into the use of ICTs in managing projects, and delves into tools and techniques for managing ICTD projects.

Lecturer: Maria Juanita R. Macapagal 
Length:   3.3 hours /   7 sessions

ESCAP Social Development Division e-Learning Tool

A toolkit for policy makers and young people with tips, templates, and frameworks that provide clarity around the policymaking process. Various courses for youth include; Improve your Employability; Health, Safety and Happiness; Problem Solving; Soft Skills; and Youth Rights, Civic Engagement, and Political Participation. However, there are also several courses aimed at policy makers.