Sustainable Lifestyles for Plastics and Packaging Waste Management during a Pandemic (COVID-19)

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Plastic waste has been identified as a potential destructor of our habitat (such as corals or sea grasses), physical chocking of marine life and also accumulation of micro plastics. Already, some 8 million tonnes of plastics enter our ocean every year, through different routes like global rivers adding to the estimated 150 million tonnes already circulating in marine environments.

United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP) is organizing a series of online dialogue with the above background. This dialogure is the third in a series to be organized under UNEP’s COVID-19 response, “Working with the environment to protect people” 06August 2020 / 14:00-15:30 hrs. (ICT). This online dialogue is focused on Asia and the Pacific region to raise awareness on the importance of the “Sustainable Lifestyle” vis a vis challenges due to the increased volumes of plastics and packaging waste during the pandemic (COVID-19).


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