Food Security COVID-19 Learning Series


IDEAL has launched the Food Security COVID-19 Learning Series, which aims to convene USAID's Office of Food for Peace-funded development and emergency activity implementers to share among peers their experiences, the challenges they are encountering, and practical approaches for adapting programming in light of COVID-19.

IDEAL consulted with a range of stakeholders to inform this peer-to-peer learning series, which will evolve in response to implementing partners' expressed needs. Below you will find more information about upcoming sessions under a number of initial learning streams. While some sessions are initially restricted to specific audiences, we plan to share post-event products and open up these conversations to a broader audience in a later phase.

The series is divided in 5 learning streams. A learning stream is a thematic area with potential for impact in development and emergency food security programming quality during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. These streams are: monitoring and evaluation, safety and security, online collaboration, cash & food distribution, and addressing at-risk populations.

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Food Security COVID-19 Learning Series