Climate Emergency: YOUth Action - "Will there be enough food?"


Despite global economic growth, the world is still facing a variety of challenges including climate emergency, hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, and now, a global disease pandemic that has exacerbated the suffering that humanity is experiencing. Acknowledging the importance of multi-sectoral partnerships and collaborations, Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre is hosting a virtual panel discussion in observance of the Climate Action Week of Singapore, to enhance the opportunities for different stakeholders to exchange and share ideas and best practices in response to climate change and food security issues. Specifically targeting the younger generations, this virtual event aims to enhance the active participation of youth at different levels of implementation including decision-making processes and grassroots programs.

Moderator: Kelvin Wong – Chief, Planning & Development/ TERRA SG

Distinguished Panelists:

  • Kok Min Ai – Programme Analyst, United Nations Development Programme
  • Nidhi Pant - Co-Founder, Science For Society - S4S Technologies
  • Goh Wee Hou - Director/Food Supply Resilience Division, Singapore Food Agency
  • Susan Tan - Volunteer Leader for Environmental Protection Mission, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore

They will be sharing about:

  • Climate change, food sustainability and food emergencies, along with other interconnected issues in a global context
  • The mitigation strategies by government and civil society organizations in transforming toward a climate-resilient and resource-resilient society
  • What the younger community can do to slow down climate change and address the food security issues in order to build a safer and sustainable future for all



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