Sustainable Lifestyles in Asia

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SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Advocacy Component (SWITCH-Asia RPAC) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) organized a webinar to launch a series of policy dialogues on sustainable lifestyles in Asia and an o­ffline course on Circular Economy.

The Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles for SCP (with an additional focus on Covid-19) aims to create an enabling environment (policies, financing, technologies, business models, and stakeholder engagement) to replicate and scale up good practices on sustainable lifestyles. An offline course on Circular Economy will also be conducted, with a focus on SCP and Circular Economy.  

Webinar Objective: 

Promote SDG12 by: 

1. Enhancing understanding of the sustainable lifestyle concept through discussion of good practices in Asia with relevant examples from European countries. 

2. Analyzing/proposing the enabling environment (policies, financing, business models, technologies and stakeholders' engagement) and promoting knowledge transfer through networking. 

Target Audience: 

This webinar is targeted to professionals at national, sub-regional and regional level who are supporting the development of various policies and practices in order to implement the circular economy in line with national roadmaps that are being developed in countries.

Thematic Area