The National Institution for Transforming India

NITI Aayog

The National Institution for Transforming India, also called NITI Aayog, was formed via a resolution of the Union Cabinet of the country on January 1, 2015. NITI Aayog functions as the premier policy think tank of the Government of India, providing both directional and policy inputs. While designing strategic and long term policies and programmes for the Government of India, NITI Aayog also provides relevant technical advice to the states (sub-national entities). An important evolutionary change from the past, NITI Aayog acts as the quintessential platform of the Government of India to bring the states to act together in national interest, and thereby fosters cooperative federalism. It is developing itself as a state of the art resource centre, with the necessary resources, knowledge and skills, that will enable it to act with speed, promote research and innovation, provide strategic policy vision for the government, and deal with contingent issues.

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