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Climate Interactive is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank that grew out of MIT Sloan in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Based on a long tradition of system dynamics modeling, their simulations and insights help people see connections, play out scenarios, and see what works to address climate change, inequity, and related issues like energy, health, and food. Through Climate Interactive's En-ROADS simulator, they train people to engage others around climate change solutions (both in-person and online). Anyone interested in facilitating an En-ROADS event – such as the En-ROADS Climate Workshop or Climate Action Simulation game – can explore the training plan in order to improve their ability to lead events and enhance their knowledge on the model, game, workshop, and other relevant topics. Although anyone is welcome to run the game and workshop, the En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors represent a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering the tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe. 

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