Webinar Series on Stakeholder Engagement Module 2: Institutionalizing Engagement for the 2030 Agenda


There are many elements to the institutionalization of engagement, to make public participation effective, meaningful, and inclusive.  Despite this, institutionalization of engagement requires a social and political embrace of people’s participation in decision-making, where stakeholders are seen as partners in governance, and the democratic process moves beyond elections every few years.  This is especially true in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which makes clear that stakeholders are central to the success of the SDGs. 

This installment of the webinar series will provide insights into the institutionalization of stakeholder engagement, what is required, how it works, and tie it back to the larger 2030 Agenda and voluntary national review (VNR) process.

All are invited to participate, especially representatives of governments and civil society organizations engaged in sustainable development work.

For a recording, information on the previous module, and other items related to the webinar, please refer to the link here.

Webinar Series on Stakeholder Engagement