Webinar Series on Stakeholder Engagement Module 1: An Introduction to Stakeholder Engagement in the 2030 Agenda


The process of formulating the 2030 Agenda was one of the most inclusive in the history of intergovernmental negotiations at the UN. It certainly lived up to the legacy of Agenda 21, and the precedents it set for ensuring that all stakeholders in society are included in the work of creating, implementing, and reviewing sustainable development policy. As the world moves quickly towards the year 2030 and the sustainability deadlines set by the agenda, it is critical that governments and stakeholders work together in partnership to further ensure progress is made on achieving the goals and targets of the framework.

This first installment of the webinar series will provide an introduction to stakeholder engagement in the 2030 Agenda, a bit of history, and specific references to the sections and text of the agenda where stakeholder engagement plays a particularly important role. Participants will gain knowledge of key concepts related to stakeholder participation in formulating, implementing, and reviewing policies related to sustainable development and the SDGs, and obtain a better understanding of the Voluntary National Review (VNR) process.

For a recording, summary, and other items related to the webinar, please refer to the link here.