Transition Finance Series - Asia Pacific: Financing a Sustainable Future

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Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy remains one of the greatest challenges facing the planet, critical to ensuring we hit international targets to tackle climate change and save the natural world from irreversible degradation.

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) has been working to cultivate principles for a transition market since the release of the Financing Credible Transition Paper in September 2020. Reaching clear definitions on Transition Finance that are ambitious, inclusive and flexible will mobilise finance to support the campaign for a net-zero future in accordance with international targets.

There is a pressing need for Asia-Pacific governance and markets to show climate leadership. The era of transition finance can offer the solutions for the region away from emission intensive activities.

Join CBI for an insightful discussion with guest speakers on the opportunity that Transition Finance poses for a sustainable future for ASEAN.


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