Advances in Closing the Connectivity Gap in Asia-Pacific: Better Analysis, Understanding, and Solutions

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International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), are jointly organizing a webinar on ICT connectivity as an opportunity for sharing and discussing advances in tackling the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region. Equitable information and communications technology (ICT) connectivity around the Asia-Pacific region remains a development bottleneck as is a particular concern in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which has accelerated digitalization trends and requires policy makers, development partners and investors to review their strategies, fiscal space and investment priorities. ADB and ITU experts will present their views and recent initiatives in this space and invited experts will present relevant analysis and solutions that can help better understand and bridge the digital divide. Participants Public policy and decision makers, regulators, private sector representatives, development partners, special interest groups, experts and academics.

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