Sustainable Business

Private sector mapping, outreach and engagement in climate-responsive agrifood systems

Agrifood companies and relevant private sector actors are key partners in meeting the global agenda for addressing climate change. The SCALA programme recognizes the unique role of the private sector in spurring innovation and investment for transformative climate action in the agriculture and land use sectors.

Youth Solutions Report 2020

In 2015, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by 193 UN Member States to shape the global agenda for sustainable development in the next fifteen years and beyond. 

Achieving these goals will require an unprecedented mobilization of the energy and skills of young people, and recognition of their significant role in promoting them. 

Integrating the SDGs into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide

The Practical Guide outlines a three-step process to embed the SDGs in existing business and reporting processes in alignment with the GRI Standards and recognized principles. 

  • Step 1 addresses the process of prioritization of impacts and the identification of those SDGs to act and report on. 
  • Step 2 addresses aspects on how to set business objectives, select disclosures and analyze performance. 
  • Step 3 offers tips and guidance on reporting and improving SDG performance. 

Digital Economy Report 2019

The rapid spread of digital technologies is transforming many economic and social activities. While creating many new opportunities, widening digital divides threaten to leave developing countries, and especially least developed countries, further behind. A smart embrace of new technologies, enhanced partnerships and greater intellectual leadership are needed to redefine digital development strategies and the future contours of globalization.