International Advanced Level 'Training of Trainers' Programme On "Localizing Integrated Action On The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"

Localizing Integration

Systainability Asia, in collaboration with Adhyeta International (Nepal) and IPTM (Bangladesh), will conduct a 4-day International SDG ‘Training of Trainers’ program focused on “localizing integrated action for SDGs.”  The training runs from 22 – 25 March 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  This training will be experiential and hands-on, using a Dhaka urban community as our point of reference, and focus on providing participants with new knowledge, tools and methods for organizing diverse, and sometimes conflictual, community stakeholders in collaborative action planning, utilizing a systems thinking approach, to localize the SDGs for integrative sustainable development.  

Please visit the Event Page here for more details.