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UN75 Asia Youth Dialogue: Youth Voices for Climate Action, September 2020


UN75 Asia Youth Dialogue: Youth Voices for Climate Action Card

Celebrating its 75th year of existence, the United Nations is launching the greatest global conversation of the world this year, encouraging all stakeholders to engage in dialogues on the importance of global cooperation in creating the future we aspire.

Seizing this opportunity, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign intend to bring all the young people across the Asia-Pacific region to voice out their visions and discuss the world they wanted to see when the United Nations turns 100 years old. The youth dialogue also aims to provide a platform for young people to share their challenges, best practices, and experiences in addressing the issues of climate change and environmental degradation.



Summary Report




Webinar, Climate Emergency: YOUth Action - "Will there be enough food?", August 2020

YV4CA partners from Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre hosted a virtual panel discussion in observance of the Climate Action Week of Singapore, to enhance the opportunities for different stakeholders to exchange and share ideas and best practices in response to climate change and food security issues. There, YV4CA Advocate Nidhi Pant was one of the distinguished speakers. See the engaging session below!


Southeast Asia Youth Festival, August 2020

YV4CA ws pleased to support the workshop "Stay Woke & Green: Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia" in the Southeast Asia Youth Festival. There, YV4CA Advocates Nanticha and Zwe delivered presentations on climate change and plastics pollution respectively. 



United Nations International Youth Day 2020, August 

To celebrate international Youth Day 2020, YV4CA was honored to support its partner organization Youthink's webinar introducing new youth initiatives for the SDGs and COIVD recovery. Watch the webinar recording here!

Event Flyer

Credit: Youthink Center

Youth Voices for Climate Action WeChat Survey, May 2020 

YV4CA's fantastic partners at Youthink Center launched a WeChat version of the YV4CA survey for broad reach in China.

WeChat Survey

Credit: Youthink Center

Workshop: Climate Change and its Effects, March 11, 2020

Youth Foundation of Bangladesh

Conducted by YV4CA partner organization Youth Foundation of Bangladesh, the Climate Change and its Effects Workshop and Open Discussion Session was organized with Khulna University students in Bangladesh as part of an awareness and capacity building campaign under the Climate Action Campaign Tracker (CACT) program by the Youth Foundation of Bangladesh in support of the Youth Voices for Climate Action (YV4CA) campaign.

The program created awareness for climate change and its effects, climate action, and to strengthened the ideas of youth via interactive discussion. At the workshop, dozens of youth completed the YV4CA survey and submitted written statements that can be found here



Credit: Youth Foundation of Bangladesh

COP 25, December 2019

The Youth Voices for Climate Action (YV4CA) campaign was honored to be represented by Chinese actress Zheng Shuan at the High-level event on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) on December 10, 2019 at COP 25. There, Ms. Zheng Shuan highlighted the leading role of ESCAP in creating a safe platform for young people in the Asia-Pacific to share their stories on the impact of the global climate emergency in their lives and their ideas for stronger climate action. “Climate education and advocacy is the foundation of climate action and ESCAP's Youth Voices for Climate Action Campaign is empowering youth to learn, advocate and take actions on climate change” she said. Zheng, together with Youthink Center of Beijing, pledged to engage many youth for the Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign. 

A special thanks is due to Ms. Zheng Shuan and YV4CA partners at Youthink Center and Youth4SDG. Together, YV4CA  will make great strides in China!


Above: Zheng Shuan at the ACE High-level event at COP 25; Credit: Rosa Castañeda

Below: Zheng Shuan (center right) stands with YV4CA partner Alex Wang (right), Secretary General of Youthink Center, and Stefanos Fotiou (center left), Director of the Envrionment and Development Division of ESCAP. Credit: Rosa Castañeda