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It has been an unprecedented year which started with raging wildfires in Australia that pushed CO2 levels to 26 times higher than acceptable levels.   Siberia registered the most… Read more
World Bank Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020
The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020 presents interactive storytelling and data visualizations about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It highlights trends for selected targets… Read more
Man collecting berries
For World Cities Day on 31st October, we follow the story of how the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is working with San Salvador city and its surrounding coffee farms to… Read more
With its rich history and multicultural cities, Bosnia and Herzegovina is an inspiring example of cosmopolitanism and green urban renewal. Zenica, an industrial hub where ash clouds have been… Read more
City Park
According to the latest census in Uruguay, more than 93 percent of its population lives in urban areas. This trend has been characterized historically in the country and is expected to intensify in… Read more
Young Women from Niger
As COVID-19 tears through communities across the globe, children have become the hidden victims of the pandemic. School closures and other lockdown measures adopted to stem the spread of the… Read more
Adapting to climate change through drought-resistant agriculture in Cambodia
Longer dry seasons & lower than average/erratic rainfall are feeding drought conditions in Cambodia. The impacts are serious for subsistence farmers, whose livlelihoods and food security depend… Read more
Bengali Women Sitting in Circle
Bangladesh’s fertile land has been key to growth and has offered millions of people a hand out of poverty.  That growth is becoming increasingly precarious as the impacts of a warming planet… Read more
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The experience of the Saralbhanga River, which flows from Bhutan to India, shows the power of involving local people in river management. There are 56 rivers that flow down from the Himalayan… Read more
Building submerged by flood
When floods ravaged Lao PDR last year, a lack of adequate warning significantly contributed to the damage and loss. UNDP is partnering with the government and private sector to solve this problem and… Read more