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Zheng Shuan, China


Zheng Shuan
Ms. Zheng Shuan is the youngest Chinese actress to be nominated for Best Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Award. She was also chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the "Four Dan actresses of the post-90s Generation".

At COP 25, Ms. Zheng Shuang paired together with Youthink Center as a Youth4Climate Ambassador and committed to UN ESCAP the engagement of Chinese youth for the Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign (see here for more on that).  



From the Asia-Pacific region 

Aniket Gupta, India


Profile Picture, Aniket Gupta

Born in India, 18 year old Aniket started his journey when he was in grade 10 by taking an initiative to bring a wave of inquisitiveness in children to help them become future leaders by STEM Education through which he reached to over 20,000 school children. He was recognised by the Ministry of Science, Government of India, and United Nations. His other initiative, The Tale of Mankind: SDGs & Human Rights aims to bring the Global Goals & Human Rights Education to every classroom. He believes that Young People have the power to change the world but that power needs to be unleashed by empowering them to become changemakers.   www.aniketgupta.com

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Ashley Yong, Malaysia


Ashley Yong

Ashley (from Malaysia) is currently serving as a representative of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation at the United Nations, as well as a project coordinator of Tzu Chi’s aid project in the Republic of Sierra Leone. An advocate for climate action and environmental protection, she works with other young people to build communities with responsible and sustainable lifestyles. Recognizing the urgency of climate issues and the interconnectedness with other global issues, she wishes to raise more awareness and call for more actionable commitments from the youth around the globe. Ashley has made great contributions to the campaign.

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Aung Than Oo, Myanmar


Aung Than Oo

Dr. Aung Than Oo is a youth policy activist from Yangon and founder of Myanmar Youth Foundation for SDG. He has also been a My World ASEAN Advocate since 2018. In addition, Aung Than Oo is a medical doctor and community leader,  focusing on community-based projects that create social impact.

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Eshaan Menon, Malaysia


Eshaan Menon

An impressive young man from Malaysia, Eshaan is currently an Information Technology Resident at Google in addition to a Youth Advisory Council Member for Asia for the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). Formerly, during his term as Youth Program Director at the United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) Youth, he focused on expanding the reach of UNAM Youth through a digital membership platform as well as campus activities such as fundraisers and Town Halls. In 2019, Eshaan was a winner of the Reboot the Earth, a social coding event that brings young computer programmers, scientists and other interested people together under the auspices of the United Nations to improve upon or build a new software program that addresses the current climate crisis. YV4CA had the pleasure of inviting Eshaan to speak during its launch at Asia-Pacific Climate Week.


17 Ways to Save the World | Eshaan Menon | TEDxYouth@SKIS


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Lilly Satidtanasarn, Thailand


Lilly Satidtanasarn

Sometimes little people can have big voices. This is defintely true of Thailand's Lilly Satidtanasarn, a name to remember. Lilly has been a hands-on environmental activist since she was 8 years old and is one of Thailand's most influential youth activists. For example, she has inspired many people to take action towards phasing out harmful single-use plastics in her country, one of the biggest consumers of plastics per capita. Her successful approach revolves around connecting with people and empowering her peers. Recently, she has turned attention towards climate change and air pollution and provides a much needed voice for climate action. Keep up to date on Lilly's next action! 





Me Me Zin Oo, Myanmar



Me Me is a student from Myanmar who is currently studying for a B.A English degree in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a passionate humanitarian who avidly advocates for various social movements, including but not limiting to animal welfare, gender equality and mental health awareness.

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Mohammad Ahmad, India



Ahmad has represented India at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development. He has also completed workshops on sustainable development organized by the Sweden at the UN in 2019. Ahmad is, in addition, a member of the Scientific Council at Fatima Al-Fihri Open University in Morocco and is a UN Volunteer teaching in rural India online and promoting education through the organization eVidyaloka. He is currently working as an assistant professor at RIIM (Pune) and pursuing a Ph.D. on sustainable development. 


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Momi Das, India


Momi Das

Momi is an enthusiast learner from India, dedicated towards her passion and goals and is a firm believer in actions, commitment to work for the betterment of the society, and service for the world and nation.

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Namitha Kuttiparambil, India



A strong believer in creative expression, Namitha (from India) finds her voice through poetry and dance. She is, however, an architect by profession and is finding ways to go beyond producing an emotional impact through the mediums that fuel her passion to create a physical one that will, hopefully, stand the test of time. The endeavour to do so isn’t limited to the field of architecture. She strives to not only make her voice heard and help others raise theirs, but also to lead by example through lifestyle changes, because, after all, actions do speak louder than words.


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Nanticha Ocharoenchai, Thailand


Nanticha Ocharoenchai Profile

Nanticha (Lynn) Ocharoenchai is a young storyteller, environmental activist, and climate action crusader from Thailand. Notably, Lynn is the founder of Climate Strike Thailand and has organized multiple climate strikes in Thailand, pioneering the practice in her country. Lynn takes a holistic approach to her work and demands concrete actions. Keep up to date on her next action!

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Ratchanon Ghogar, Thailand




Ratchanon is a young adult from Thailand. He has been committed to advocate young people's views in policy-making because he believes in the idea of a just society that empowers all its members as equals, irrespective of their age, ethnic, religious or economic status. During his recent fellowship at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Stockholm, he has prepared a strategy to link youth-driven pro-democracy movements in many countries. Ratchanon has studied International Relations while working for international companies in Thailand. He is a passionate discussant, using public debates to address various environmental, education and peace issues.

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Saffran Mihnar, Sri Lanka


Saffran Mihnar Photo

Saffran is a youth advocate from Sri Lanka focused on communication, campaigning, and negotiations with the ability to strategically identify, devise and implement solutions to global development.

He works in empowering young people in the field of climate change and sustainable development. While having been engaged in the process for more than five years, he has contributed to the national and international youth platforms and communication at UNFCCC Sessions since COP21 as well as several other international conferences & workshops such as One Planet Summit, European Conference on Science Journalism, EuroScience Open Forums and High-level Meeting on “Climate and Sustainable Development for All.”

Saffran has also been awarded as the most outstanding global leader for the success and contribution towards Global Youth Power Campaign launched by Restless Development.

He currently serves as the director for development and communication for a youth-led organization named EarthLanka Youth Network. 

Read one of Saffran's latest article here.

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Shaan Suhas Kumar, India


Shaan Kumar

As a Programme Manager at Wedu, a Climate Reality Leader, and an Ambassador for Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, Shaan is a social development professional and environmental activist from India. She is working to sensitize more people about the Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Crises as she believes that this is the most pressing issue of our time and if sufficient climate action is not worked upon soon, it will undo the progress made with all the other SDGs as well.

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Ttinnabhop Bandhunark, Thailand


Ttinnabhop Bandhunark

Ttinnabhop Bandhunark, a self-described "regular Thai university student" and former Local Committee President of AIESEC (a youth leadership development program), is an exemplary youth volunteer from Bangkok, Thailand. Ttinnabhop has volunteered for UNESCAP at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development among other conferences and has been selected to be one of the last 15 candidates for the UNGA Youth Delegates. In addition, he has regularly contributed towards SDG-oriented activities in his university and has participated in UNICEF's 21st Century Changemakers Workshop. Lastly, Ttinnabhop has made great contributions for the Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign at Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2019 and beyond.   






Yujin Jang, Republic of Korea


Jenny Jang

Although a climate action beginner, Yujin (Jenny) from the Republic of Korea is dedicated to making positive impact. "If we start moving for climate now, the future can change." -Jenny

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From outside the Asia-Pacific region

Claud Edmund Fletcher, South Africa


Claud Edmund Fletcher

Claud Edmund Fletcher was born in South Africa and currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand as an undergraduate student in the field of International Relations. His interests include discussing current events; advocating for the rights of women, children and LGBTQ+ members; and studying government policy.

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Gareth Billingham, South Africa


Gareth Billingham

Gareth is a university student currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree of International Relations at Stamford International University in Thailand. He has lived and studied in South Africa, Norway, and Thailand. His hobbies include traveling and playing sports.


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Ivan Buljević, Croatia


Ivan B.

Born in Split, Croatia, Ivan is a young medical professional and Pacific Island enthusiast concerned about climate change. 


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José Beltrán Esono, Equatorial Guinea



José is a student from Equatorial Guinea who is currently in Thailand for academic purposes. For a long time, climate change and climate action has caught his attention, prompting his participation in the Youth Voices for Climate Action campaign. 

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Robin Happel, United States


Robin Happel

Robin is an American environmental law student, Climate Reality Leader, UN Association fellow (reporting on climate summits), Web Manager for YV4CA partner organization I am Climate Justice (seeking climate justice from International Court of Justice), and recently part of the Sunrise Movement's Class of 0000 Campaign with the Alliance for Climate Education and other climate activists. As a law student, she wants to be an ally to younger students in the climate action movement, and ensure that their voices are heard.








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