C2GDiscuss: Youth perspectives on the governance of SRM in the face of global warming overshoot.

Event Panel

Coming from the SDG Help Desk's friends at Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G), this discussion on youth perspectives on the governance of solar radiation modification (SRM) explores youth perspectives on SRM and its governance in the face of the increasing likelihood that global warming temporarily exceeds (overshoots) the 1.5-2C Paris Agreement limits. The all-youth panel covers important questions such as:

  • How young people view the risks posed by SRM vs. the risk posed by overshooting 1.5-2C and how might these risks best be managed?
  • Why young people should be part of the governance discussion, and how to enhance young people’s engagement in such conversations?

For more background on SRM and other climate altering approaches, see C2G's thematic area on the SDG Help Desk.


Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative