Global Academy on the Green Economy

Global Academy  on the Green Economy

This Academy aims to solidify current knowledge and foster an exchange of practices in the transition to environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive economies. The Academy, now in its 3rd edition, is implemented in partnership with PAGE.

Participants learn:

  • How to harness the green economy as a means for social inclusion
  • New tools and methods to mainstream green economy in national policy.
  • New approaches to promoting a just transition to environmental sustainability 
  • Strategies to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement in the green economy

Why join?

  • It includes a debate on the complexity of energy transitions globally 
  • A high-level opening panel to interrogate the urgency of action for sustainability
  • A knowledge fair to provide participants with an opportunity to showcase and discuss tools and practices from country initiatives 
  • Six elective courses with a practical learning focus on a variety of topics

Who attends?

  • Policy-makers and social partners in PAGE countries
  • Decision-makers and technical staff from civil society organizations, trade unions, employers’ organizations, business, knowledge and research institutions
  • Development professionals
  • Academics