Views from the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF)

The DIF (Disruptive Innovation Festival) is a fully online experience which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy. Spanning three weeks, the festival most recently ran from November 6-23, 2018. 

Curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the DIF invites people to share disruptive ideas and stories on a number of topics and attracts a worldwide audience, sparking critical conversations and participation through a combination of live interviews, films, and podcasts.


Below, one can find a select repository of thematically organized videos and podcasts from the festival.

Circular Economy:

The Circular Economy in 30 Minutes

Fast-tracking Remanufacturing Growth

Scenario Planning for a Circular Future: Example of Peterborough

Making the Circular Economy Work for Human Development

Circular Economy: Why Should We Measure It?

Remanufactured Electronics: Debunking the Myths

Empowering People to Repair for a Circular Economy

Where Does Mining Fit in with the Circular Economy?

Opening Your Toolkit for Circular Innovation

Circular Economy Decoded: What About Health

The Innermost Loop to Profit is Repair—the Business of the Future

Case Studies of Safe & Circular Material Choices

Circular Economy in India: Exploring the Challenges

Africa: Can It Become a Circular Continent?

Planning Resource Flows With Product-Service Systems

Abundant Materials and Universal Manufacturing: Future or Fiction?

Transforming the Sachet Economy to a Circular Economy

A Second Life For Critical Raw Materials

Circular Economy in the Built Environment: Innovation and Implementation

Ecosystem Design and the Circular Economy

Circular Sanitation Economy

Circular Economy in Action: Bringing Learning and Building Together

3CULAR: Reinventing 3D Printing To Make the Most of Wood

Why New Funding Models Are Key to the Circular Economy      

Comparing Circular Economy Policies Across Europe and China

Circular Economy in India: Policy Direction

Circular Economy in India: Rethinking Finance

Podcast: What if Scientific Research Adopted Circular Economy Principles?

Podcast: The Future is Circular: Exploring the Transition to a World Without Waste

Podcast: Circular Economy Decoded: Let's Discover the Bio-cycle


How Blockchain Can Disrupt Indian Agriculture

Feeding One-fifth: Circular Food in China

Hamilton Henrique: A Story of Food Revolution

Will the World Really Run Out of Food?

Towards a Better Food System

LettUs Grow: Closed loop cities - Feeding future generations

Insects as Food and Feed: An Emerging Asian Circular Economy Story


The Plastic Sea Challenge: Applying Biomimicry Design Thinking

Turning the Tides on Ocean Plastics in the Coral Triangle

Can Data Help Design Out Plastic Pollution in Asia?

Plastic by Use-Phase: Decision-Making Tools to Tackle Plastic Waste

The Future of Plastic in the Circular City

Plastics, Problems and Possibilities

Closing The Loop On Plastic Packaging - Where Are We?

Architecture, Construction, and Materials:

A Wider Lens

Ripe for Disruption: Circular Remanufacturing in Building Products

Accelerating Construction Tech Innovation Using a Circular Economy Mindset

Enough of the Facade: Architecture Is Changing

Podcast: Safe & Circular by Design: Making Positive Material Choices

Podcast: How Nano Technology Can Influence At Macro Scale


If Cities Are the Answer, What Is the Question?

Edinburgh: A City in Transition

Cities of the Future: The Link Between Smart and Circular

Cities of Making: Urban Manufacturing for Circular Cities

Cities Regenerated

Paradigm Shift:

The Development Paradigm

Social Growing: A New Microeconomic Paradigm

System Reset

Ecosystems Thinking: From Information to Wisdom

Podcast: Systems Thinking and Health & Fitness


Gameplay Going Circular: Experience the Challenge in The Blue Connection

What If Blockchain Could Redesign Work?

The State of Impact on Blockchain Within Africa's Emerging Markets

Petit Pli: Clothes That Grow

Anything Connected: Smarter Maintenance, Less Waste

ClearRoad: Unlocking the Value of Our Roads

Podcast: Oil and Gas: An Industry in Transition

Podcast: Do Sheep Dream of Electric Cars? Consumer Attitudes to Electric Vehicles

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