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Conserving Biodiversity and Building Community Resilience

Most villagers around the Tonlé Sap lake rely on fishing activities to make a living and they depend heavily on the seasonally flooded forests for fresh water, food, fuelwood and other essential natural resources. Overfishing and extreme weather conditions eroding the forests are threatening the survival of these communities, who are at risk of further marginalization.

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SDG India Index - Baseline Report 2018

The SDG India Index, 2018 offers critical insights into the status of SDG adoption and implementation in India. The Index tracks the progress of all states and union territories (sub-national entities) on a set of 62 priority indicators, measuring their progress on the outcomes of the SDG-related interventions and schemes of the government. The SDG India Index is intended to provide a holistic view on the social, economic, and environmental status of the country and its sub-national entities on their SDG status.

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